Seagate FreeAgent 1 TB Ext. HD [ST310005FDD2E1] - Multiple Problems

I bought a Seagate FreeAgent 1 TB External Hard Drive (Model No. ST310005FDD2E1, External Power) last year. The drive has 931.51 GB of capacity, out of which about 165 GB is free. The drive is now presenting multiple issues, which I have enumerated below.

Random Detection: When I boot up my laptop, the drive may or may not show up in Windows explorer. It is completely random. However, whenever the drive doesn't show up, I power it off, and then power it on again. Then it starts showing up again.
File Access: The drive and its directory listing appear correctly in Windows Explorer. But I can't seem to access the files. In fact, I am unable to even copy. move or delete them.
Clicking Noise: The drive makes irritating "clicking"noise all the time.
Disk Tools: I am unable to "Defragment" or "Check the Disk for Errors" using the "Tools" options in the Disk Properties menu. I tried to run ChkDsk in DOS mode, but it hangs up randomly in the middle.

- The HDD-Scan SMART results are as below -

Model: ST31000333AS Firmware: SD35 Serial: 5TE06KQK LBA: 1953525168

Num Attribute Name Value Worst Raw(hex) Threshold

001 Raw Read Error Rate 112 099 000002F5-DD5A 006
003 Spin Up Time 095 092 00000000-0000 000
004 Start/Stop Count 097 097 00000000-0C52 020
005 Reallocation Sector Count 099 099 00000000-0043 036
007 Seek Error Rate 074 060 0000018D-4395 030
009 PowerOn Hours Count 098 098 00000000-0A2B 000
010 Spin Retry Count 100 100 00000000-0021 097
012 Device Power Cycle Count 100 100 00000000-020E 020
184 End To End Error Count 100 100 00000000-0000 099
187 Reported Uncorrectable Error 100 100 00000000-0000 000
188 Reported Command Timeouts 100 100 00000000-0000 000
189 High Fly Writes 001 001 00000000-017A 000
190 Airflow Temperature 064 029 36 C 045
190 Airflow Temperature Minimum 064 029 35 C 045
190 Airflow Temperature Maximum 064 029 36 C 045
190 Airflow Overheated Count 064 029 2102 045
194 HDA Temperature 036 071 36 C 000
194 HDA Temperature Minimum 036 071 14 C 000
194 HDA Temperature Maximum 036 071 29 C 000
195 Hardware ECC Recovered 040 029 000002F5-DD5A 000
197 Current Pending Sector Count 100 100 00000000-0000 000
198 Uncorrectable Sector Count 100 100 00000000-0000 000
199 UltraDMA CRC Errors 200 200 00000000-0000 000

The files in the drive are critical for me. What are the possible ways in which I can recover all my data, as well as make my hard disk working again?

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks a ton in advance.

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  1. have you tried data recovery software? as long as the head arms not gone or anything like that it should be ok (if its making a clunking sound then it might of though :( ). apparently theres alot of freeware out there that will do the job. if its really important you might be able to get a data recovery expert to do it for you if your willing to pay. Ive heard that if you buy the same hdd again you can replace the pcb on it and that sometimes does the trick. Bit pricey for a maybe though. Sorry i cant be more help. If you have a free minute maybe you could comment on this link with the outcome. would be much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have tried many free data recovery software. They are unable to detect the disk.
  3. Do you reckon it might make any difference pulling it apart and making it internal?
  4. I have a laptop, not a desktop. :(
  5. You may have a more fundamental problem. Some of the larger 7200.11 drives mhad a very bad firmware problem. That may be contributing to your problems.
  6. jsc said:
    You may have a more fundamental problem. Some of the larger 7200.11 drives mhad a very bad firmware problem. That may be contributing to your problems.

    Now the problem has accelerated. The hard drive is not getting detected. What to do? How to update firmware?
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