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ok well i got an ibook g3 from a friend who was moving to another country and he passed away over there and i have his clamshell his parents said i can have it since he gave it to me to take care and now im trying to fix it and i dont know much about macs since im a more a pc person it seems (in my eyes ) it works perfectly fine but i try to get to the internet on it and i cant. i also have an os x tiger 10.4 and i tried to put it in but it seems that the mac doesnt read the disk i reboot and nothing happens just a regular screen and turn on. the mac also says that the clock is also wrong and that it needs to be fixed and that some applications may bhave erratically the time and date are set to wednesday december 31 1969 and i try to change it but he put a password on it and i cant guess it and his parents dont know either soo if anyone out there that knows about wats going on please help
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  1. hopefully you get this, it's been awhile since you've posted.

    you have 10.4? 10.4 came primarily on DVDs unless ordered otherwise. a g3 ibook is only going to have a cd drive in it, so it will never boot from that disk. you can obtain 10.4 cds from some places online (i won't get into legality - you do have a legit copy of the dvd so is it ok to download a cd version?)

    the password also can't be changed unless you boot from an installer, what i would do is make an appointment at a local apple store if there is one, they'll gladly boot from one of their HDDs and change the password/help you online/change the time and date for free.

    hope this helps.
  2. Time reset means it needs a new PRAM battery. See for a replacement PRAM battery and installation instructions.

    To boot from the CD on any Mac, you have to hold down the 'c' key from the initial power on.

    Apple can supply you with replacement discs for the OS. Although an iBook G3 is so old and slow, it may not be worth it. G3 is about as fast as the original Pentium processor at 133 Mhz or so, not really useful for anything these days,
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