1 TB HDD suggestion needed!


I'm trying to buy a 1 tb hard drive, but cannot decide since I'm not very informed in this area

and there are so many options. What would be the best choice right now?

Cheaper is better, but to be honest I'd rather pay 10~20 more bucks for a "better" hard drive,

and I'll be mainly using it for storage of movies/songs/games.

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  1. Make sure your computer will even recognize a drive of that capacity first.
    Then google the models you are interested in and read the reviews.
  2. What are some cases where it wouldnt recognize such a drive?

    Using an i7-920 with vista on it (x64).
  3. Some older motherboards / BIOS code and OS's dont support large drives, but it looks like you should be ok. For furture reference when posting questions please provide all the specifications associated with your system.

    I hear the WD Caviar blacks are getting good reviews.
  4. WD Caviar Blacks are very good and fast. WD's Green line are a little less expensive, a little slower, and use less electrical power. The "slower" part is not enough to affect your uses significantly - the Greens might bother gamers who demand the ultimate in speed. Among their large-volume products, WD's Blue line is their lowest price, slowest line.

    Seagate are also a major supplier, plus others. Look around the web for reports of reliability. Some people much prefer one brand over another on that score.
  5. Actually, I had not taken power into consideration,
    and now that I think of it, it might be a problem..

    Using Corsair 750TX with two gtx 275s, i7-920, sound card...
    Been running fine with no problems, how much power would an HDD take?
  6. Western Digital says they use "up to" 40% less power. Sound exciting, but realistically it be more like the difference between 6 and 8 watts under load. You should be fine either way. There are several reviews/benchmarks on this site about these and other drives.

    In my area there is only a $15 difference in price betwen the black and green.
  7. Spinpoint F3 1TB


    Free shipping

    one of the fastest HDD's on the market.
  8. As canadian69 said, HDD's today consume very little power - under 10 watts each for almost all current models.
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