Installed 9800GT and now optical drives won't work

Okay, so I have a dell xps 400 system with a 375 watt power supply which has 30 amps to the +12v rail. I know the specs on the card's box call for at least a 400w PSU with at least 26A, but I heard it would work fine.
I installed the graphics card and it works fine.
However, for some reason, neither of my two optical drives can spool-up anymore, and therefore can't read disks. It's as if they're suddenly struggling to spool-up. I didn't make any changes to the optical drives, nor did I disconnect or reconnect any of their cabling. They just won't spool-up.
Funny thing is, I can see the drives in "my computer" and when I right click them, and select "eject" they'll eject just fine. So I know they're connected and the computer is reading them correctly.
What could be causing this?

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  1. Pull the video card and see if the drives magically work...Proprietary case and power supply, you won't be able to find a drop in replacement power supply with the current you really need...
  2. I'll try that now..... I'll pull this graphics card and put my old Radeon X800 XL back in.
  3. Newegg is having a rather nice sale right now on PC P&C psus. the 500w PPCS500D (D for Dell) model is currently ~$50 i think before tax/shipping. Its worth considering.
  4. Okay, I pulled the new Nvidia 9800GT and put the old ATI Radeon X800 XL back in, and I'm still having the same problem.
    It's so weird........ none of it makes any sense.
    I've checked the cables, etc..... the computer can see the drives and even eject the drive trays from 'my computer' ---- but neither drive will read disks anymore.
    One of the drives are barely 2 months old.
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