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hey guys... ive had to return my MB back due to a fault onboard... in doing so ive had to take out the cpu and the fan that sits on it. The new MB is being delivered soon and i also bought some Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound Thermal paste, my question is that do i have to remove the original paste that was previously applied to the fan from the manufacture and the cpu and if so how would i go about doing that? if not do i just apply the new paste on the cpu?
thanks for the help and advice
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  1. LouisM you do need to clean the old compound off the heatsink and the cpu and then put the artic silver on the can use isopropyl alcohol to clean the old compound off the cpu and heatsink.hope this helps you out.
  2. Major53 is absolutely right, but to be more specific make sure the alcohol is at least 70%, if not 91%.
  3. where would i buy this isopropyl alcohol? is it available in computer stores?
  4. found out where i can find it... but i can only find it at 99.9% percent... that going to be ok?
  5. That will be great, isopropyl alcohol is medical rubbing alcohol FYI,
  6. yes, 99.9% isopropyl alcohol is very good.
  7. LouisM The_Blood_Ra is right the at least 70%, if not 91%. will dilute the compound better.just make sure you clean both the cpu and heatsink.
  8. thanks very much guys for these rapid responses.. much appreciated.
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