Asus Xonar HDAV1.3 Inbuilt on Mainboard W/HDMI

I know this has been out just for a little while and Asus has only managed to get all this working but what i'd like to know or put forward to Asus.

Is there a current MB that has the Xonar HDAV1.3 inbuild on the motherboard and if so whats the part number if not can i suggest that this unit with HDMI onboard they would sell a bucket load. All the HTPC's out there just imagine the upgrade to this.

Example: Pay $500 or there abouts to get motherboard with say a 9400gt onboard or ATI eq, outputting full HD Audio & Video through HDMI to a Truehd / DTS-HD receiver...

Bring it on PLEASE
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  1. Doubt it; no one will build that type of mobo, as its price will be too high to produce. Plus doing this would cause Creative and Co. to make deals to in-build X-fi chips, raising the cost of other boards while denying ASUS sales (due to people buying only X-fi's). An all purpose HDMI output would be a welcome addition though...
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