4870x2 Windows Experience Rating 1.0??? HELP???

I just finished my system build: Core i7 920, Gigabyte UD5, 6 gigs GSkill 1333, Sapphire 4870x2.

Every went extremely smooth.

I updated the 4870x2 from the sapphire site to 8.12, did the rate my windows experience thing, and everything is 5.9 (highest) but the video card 4870x2 is at 1.0?

Device manager has 2 4870x2 listed, so i know the computer is recognizing it.

Also in Catalyst, aren't you supposed to get the crossfire option?

Anyone know what this is?
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  1. If it's at 1.0, there's something wrong with the drivers. Check in Device Manager to see if it is reporting any errors.
  2. That's right, it will make it 1.0 if the drivers aren't properly installed, or not working correctly.

    You should try removing the drivers which are on it right now, and then install the ATi drivers, from the Amd ATi website.

    Good luck.
  3. Are u sure u didnt miss pressing the refresh button ?
    Also HD 4870X2 doesnt have "Enable CrossFire" option in CCC,its enabled by default.
  4. Yeah, be sure to let Vista recalculate it.
  5. Absolutely - my rating was crap before I installed the drivers, and remained crap until I refreshed it.
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