Is 8 pin EPS 12V ok for Video card?

My ThermalTake PSU has a 20+4 pin mobo connector in addition to an 8 pin EPS 12V CPU connector. As it happens, my BFG GTX 280 graphics card requires a 6 pin connector (which I have) and an 8 pin connector (which I don't have). I'm currently using the 6 pin and two 4 pin into an 8 pin adapter to power the card and am wondering if the CPU 8 pin would work instead of the two 4 pin connectors.

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  1. BTW, I registered with Tom's so I could be notified about replies to the above but the registration reply email instucted me to click on a link that isn't there, so I'll check back here as I remember to do so. Thanks.

  2. no
    different pin layout, you'll blow up the card and possibly the psu as well, DON'T DO IT!!
  3. different pin outs i think, so it won't work.
  4. Thank you both, I was afraid of something like that.

  5. You can purchase an adapter cable for your video card:

    Read the warning about cheap psu's just below the description.
  6. The pinouts are completely different. Short story, the yellow power wires and the black ground wires are flipped on opposite sides of the connector, with one of the power wires being a ground on the pci express connector.

    See here:

    for all sorts of info about the different PSU power connectors.
  7. It's a wonder something hasn't fried yet!
  8. Not really. The protection circuitry inside the PSU is supposed to electronically the PSU down.

    However, I have this bridge I am willing to sell ...
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