Computer won't POST after removing overclock

i had the pc unlocked to tricore and overclocked to 3.6 ghz working perfectly. overclock using only the multiplier and no overvolt.
then i decided to try ou the mobo feature of the easy overclock switch, so i set the cpu back to stock and locked the third core again just in case. after i used th switch, my oc won't post anymore.
what's more, i got it to run again on onboard graphics, but as soon as i plugged the card again, the problem returned. and i haven't been able to get it on again.
all the fans work, processor at 32 C and hdd at 30 C. only thing is it doesnt make the beep it normally does or show the msi splash screen.

specs are,
mobo- msi 785g-e51
proc- amd phenom ii x2 555 BE
hdd- 2, 80 gig and 150 gig
memory- 2 x 2 gig 1066 ddr ocz fatal1ty
graphics card- msi n9600gt 1gb ddr3. doesn't use molex power.
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  1. Find your motherboard's CLR_CMOS jumper, unplug the power cord, move the jumper from its default position to cover the middle and exposed pins, leave the jumper there for about 10 seconds, then replace the jumper to its original position. Reconnect the power cord, power-on, enter BIOS to re-set any settings you customized for your system (e.g., RAID). Save and exit.
  2. +1 treefrog07. What he said. Clear CMOS fixes most overclocking set backs as it's resetting your bios settings.
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