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I just got a i7 930, and I'm using the tunic tower 120 Extreme to cool it. At the moment I'm running the chip at stock speeds (2.8ghz) and Its idling at 37c. I can't even overclock it to 3.3ghz + with out it idling at around 40 plus C. Is there a problem here? And should I be able to overclock this chip to 4.0ghz with this cooler? I did use this cooler to cool my AMD 920 to 3.7ghz with no problem. For the i7 I used the line method. Should I redo it and use the spread method?

Thanks, Xion
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  1. Here are the specs also, they may help:

    i7 930, at 2.8ghz.
    ATI 5870
    P658D-E motherboard
    650watt Corsair Power supply
    Tunic Tower 120 extreme CPU cooler.
    1TB HDD
    Storm sniper case
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