How many watts needed? Loud clampy noise

Im currently getting this really load clampy cutting noise from the Hard Drive. Its not the wires, its not the HD (replaced 2ce from NCIX, same thing) so i think its the PSU. With my old 160GB HD there was no clampy noise. This is a 500GB.

Dual Core 3800+ 2GHz
EAX1800XL 256MB Video Card
500GB Hard Drive
3GB Ram
430W PSU

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  1. A good quality 300W PSU could easily run that.
  2. +1^
    But u shuld nt even rule out a bad HDD... try to add the HDD to another computer and check it...If u get the same noise, mayb u shuld get it replaced...
  3. Sometimes it's hard to easily identify the source of a noise inside a pc case. Have you tried disconnecting the hard drive and starting the computer to see what happens?
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