Triple Cores: A good place for gaming?

It seems to make sense to me, 2 cores for gaming, and with the Phenom II X3 720 I'll have them at 3.2GHz, and one core for background apps.

But people still say dual. Should I just go for the 7750 KUMA 2.7GHz and OC it to 3.0?

it's less cache and slower clock... but people say strange things..

It's obvious, to me, but I dunno, I wanna confirm.
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  1. The X3 Phenom II's blow the X2 7750 out of the water. There's no competition between the two. The Phenom II is on 45nm, it overclocks very well, and uses less power, yet performs better per clock, and is higher clocked to start.

    Go Tri.
  2. Do not even waste another second thinking about the 7750. Get the PII x3 preferably the Back edition. Cant go wrong with it.
  3. Get the Phenom II X3 720, impressive performance for the price and a good overclocker.
  4. Lolz now the answer shuld be clear...:P
    Mayb ppl were saying about the Core2Duos and not the athlon X2...because the Core2 only offers comparible performance of the P II X3...
  5. +1 for X3 720 , get BE if you can
  6. I had a Phenom 9850 x4 OCed to 2.9GHz with 2 9800GTX+ 512MBers

    I have a PII 720BE OCed to 3.399GHz now with 1 9800GTX+, and it blows the previous config out of the water.

    get the 720 :)
  7. yes
  8. I was looking closely at the AMD 7750, and it looked like a steal! But it is made from a 65nm Phenom. So the ram runs at DDR2 1066, which is an improvement over the old earlier 65nm and 90nm AMD AM2 X2's 5000's and 6000's, but one drawback. Everything I've read says the top overclock is 3.1ghz. I've heard its an awesome performance/price. Which is fine for some games, and will rock your old games, but limited for future use. You will see the difference in games like Crysis when compared to the Phenom II's and i7's.

    I thought the AMD X3's where a laugh. I thought they were gimpy, until I bought one. I just bought the AMD X3 720 BE (unlocked), It runs smooth and stable at 3.75ghz, temps stay under 44'c under load, and in-game I'm getting +30fps playable in Crysis & warhead @1600x1200 HIGH/Gamer with an old 9800GTX! It really does play as fast as a Intel 920, or AMD 940 (within -7fps). In old games it getting over 100+fps on high settings. Up from 40fps with an overclocked 939/9800GTX setup. My 3dMark05 score went from 12000 to 24000! 3dmark 06 from 7000 to 17000!

    I've been reading EVERYTHING about the new quad cores, I've wanted one for over a year, since Agena, but this X3 honestly is FAST in-game. It may not be quite as fast compressing videos, but for gaming is running 95% or more as fast as the quadcores, but only $145!
    I thinking about returning it, and upgrading to the 940, but there is no need. It really runs fine with everything I've been throwing at it for the last week. If your a gamer like me, your games will play just as fast as a quad, but you'll have $80 left in your pocket instead.

    If you get a motherboard too, and have to format your harddrives anyway, buy a 2nd identical hardrive for a RAID 0 setup. That made a difference too this build. The ram I used was Patriot Viper, newegg has it for $59/4gigs, and its running at 4-4-4-12/800mhz or 1066@5-5-5-15-2T for 1600x1200 res on up. That was a good deal too.

    +1 on the X3 720 if your an overclocker/gamer.
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