Bad 3870x2 flash?

c2d e4300 v1.32 @3.0ghz
2gb Geil ddr2 6400 800mhz 4-4-4-12
ecs 650i motherboard
raidmax aurora2 700w psu
Powercolor 3870x2 GDDR4

I flashed with techpowerups radeon bios editor to disable powerplay 2d settings and change the fan speeds. After i flashed both cores and rebooted and posts fine but then i get a screen that says.

Mediashield bios rom v6.xx

Detecting Array...

I can only get past this screen using an old pci geforce 4 without the 3870 installed. Running both cards while using the geforce as primary gives the error too.

I understand this is for Raid config which i don't have and it is disabled in the bios. Also my memory is fine (ran memtest). I tried unplugging everything but the cpu, 3870 vid card, memory, and a ps2 keyboard and still the error.

I made backups of my bios before the flash but i cannot get past the error. With the 3870 in i cant get into the bios or choose a boot device.

Any ideas on how to flash back my old bios or what could cause this error.
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  1. Would hot flashing be an option (Plugging the card in after i get past that mediashield screen)?

    Would it be detected as an option to flash if it is not plugged in at boot?

    I am lost as to why it hangs at that screen. I let it sit there for about 30 minutes and its not frozen because the cursor is blinking.

    It doesnt matter if no hard drives or cd/dvd drives are plugged in. Only the video card makes a difference
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