I can't go beyond 226 FSB on e4500.. help!

Hi all,

This is my 1st post to tomshardware, so I guess I won't screw up something. :)

I got a PC which now I think the time to overclock and use (basically using it for gaming) but the problem is I can't go beyond 226 FSB.

Core 2 duo : E4500 (2200 MHz) - Stock cooler (Multiplier 11, FSB 200)
Foxconn 45-CMX mobo (intel 945 chipset)
2GB DDR2 667 Kingston Value Ram - Rams have heatspreaders
EVGA Geforce 250 GTS / 1GB VGA
Amacrox AX-550S PSU (550W)

I bought the setup without any OCing knowledge, but recently I read some tech articles and hope to jump on to some OCing, mostly because I feel my CPU speed is not much enough with todays game titles.

For OCing software, I used Foxconn fox-one, which lets me to change the FSB setting. It has an auto overclock function which tells me 226 FSB is my best capability. The software is shitty eventhough I went to bios and set my RAM to 400 (667 by default), it shows me 667, and showing me some 7xx value when I set my FSB to 226 (~2.5 GHZ cpu)

I heard my CPU is a good overclockable one, (some say it will reach 3 GHZ with no problem with stock cooling), but my problem is with any setting, I can't go beyond 226. I lose the stability. (I guess still my rams have some headroom) :(

I tried BIOS settings like disabling the Spread Spectrum (which is ON by default, heard its no good for OCing) but the final result was somewhere like 214 FSB. Tried to increase VCORE by +0.05V, still no luck.

I still see many people go beyond this level with this CPU (which drives me nuts :( ) Please advice me on what to do as my next step.

p.s. Temps
My CPU is 37C on idle, and 55C on load (at 226 FSB)

Thanks for this great site!
I learn many new things daily from here.

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  1. 945 chipset is the limiting factor here
  2. But my motherboard specs says I can achieve 1333 FSB by overclocking?
  3. yeah may be :(

    I put manual timing settings to my ram through BIOS (3-3-3-9) which is supported by my ram, and now it running 400 Mhz. And I achieved 240 FSB. (2640 Mhz CPU)
    and Ram running on 480 Mhz.

    (Primed for 20 minutes and ran 3Dmark. Have to prime more)


    Regarding using the BIOS to overclock, whenever I goto the BIOS to enable manual controls, my "spread spectrum" status change to "disabled" instead of "enabled". So ultimately without changing any settings further, I can only increase FSB to somewhere around 220. It's weired. Disabling the spread spectrum means I can overclock more as I found out.
    (I can enable it, but after save settings-> restart, it switches back to disabled)

    I did change Vcore by +0.05V, but the system stucks at same FSB frequencies (220). due the previous problem i guess. That is why I'm trying with the software.
  4. My Ram does 667 at 5-5-5-15. If I make it 3-3-3-9 (according to the ram spec) it runs at 400 isn't it?? (CPUz shows me 400)

    At that Ram setting, I increased my FSB to 240. So the Ram goes to 480. (using software)

    With Bios, I still can't go beyond 220. Strange.
  5. zipzoom, I bet the 3-3-3-9 profile is programmed into the SPD chip for some lower frequency, 533 MHz maybe.

    dimthu, for overclocking, spread spectrum should be disabled.
  6. @zipzoom: This is what I'm talking about. sorry if I messed up.
    So my ram now at 200. (3-3-3-9)

    Yeah, but the weired thing is I can go further with Spread spectrum turned on. Has anybody experienced it before?
  7. Update: Tried increasing the vcore by +0.05. But still can't move than 220 FSB.

  8. Change your timings to 5-5-5-15, and then try increasing your FSB again. Since you are running it 1:1, you should be able to hit 333MHz FSB (CPU cooperating) without your RAM bugging out.
  9. Hi,
    I got a little bit confused here.

    If I make it 5-5-5-15, the ram will run at 333MHz. (The highest possible rate of the ram?)
    So If i overclock from there, FSB will get increased from 200 and the ram will get increased from 333 ?

    ex: If I raise FSB to 220MHz, Ram will go to 366.66MHz accordingly?? (3:5 ratio)

    Isn't it a burden to the ram?

    Sorry If this is a stupid question, still following the c2d overclocking guide :D
  10. Hmm.. it seems my mobo doesn't have that option. I can set the speed and the timings manually. (400, 533, 667). But they also get increased whenever I increased the FSB.
    I'll try it once more when I go home, and will post a screenshot of my BIOS.

    Thanks for helping me out guys!
  11. Ok. It seems I don't have that option either. But I guess I still can play with the timings?

    Two questions:

    1. Is it worth (by performance means) the RAM running on 667 rather than 400, If my FSB runs on 200?
    2. Am I have the only timings as recommended ones in my CPUz memory tab? (posted above) (i.e. 3-3-3-9, 4-4-4-12, 5-5-5-15)

    Here are my bios screenshots.
    (Looks like I have to read more on ram timings. My memory: 2 sticks of 1GB kingston kvr 667MHz PC2-5300)

  12. First you need to synch the ram and fsb clocks or you simply wont get any better and worse you ram may fail as time goes by. Set clocks 1:1 and the timings 4/4/4/12 at the least. The voltage is WAY to high for those clocks 1.3v is more than enough on typical samples till 3ghz. Next you need to make sure the NB remains cool and isn't overheating. 266/1066 should be expected if you do it properly note the ram will be clocked at 533 but you might be able to to do 300/1200 with the ram at 600. 333/1333 with the ram at 667 is possible but don't count on it. I have owned 5 775 systems so I have learned quite a bit about overclocking them. My old Asus P5N-sli performed better than this with it horrible stock cooler but managed better once I modded with a half KG copper socket a cooler than I bolted on but alas that ancient nforce4 wasnt the overclocker that I needed.
  13. The 'System Memory Frequency' option is in fact your FSB/RAM ratio selecter it seems. And seeing how CPU-Z is reading 220mhz you are set at 1:1, good.

    If you want your ram/fsb to surpass that you'll need to higher your timings to 4-4-4-12 as specified by CPU-Z.

    Your vcore is too high likely due to your CPU voltage being set to default/auto. Your BIOS is automatically raising it to compensate for the higher FSB. You need to find these voltage controls.

    Does the 'CPU Voltage Regulator' option only allow you to +/- .05v or does it let you choose a specific voltage?

    Once you find an option to choose a specific voltage, simply change it from auto to your default voltage. Then you can use this to up the voltage manually to get a stable overclock with higher FSB. You should be able to get a decent OC on even default voltages.
  14. Do you means to set 4-4-4-12 at bios and set the system memory frequency to 400MHz?
    (Currently its at 3-3-3-9 @ 400MHz)

    I should try that.

    No, as I remember I don't have the (-) volt options for ram and vcore. BIOS provides it like +0.0125, +0.0250, etc.
    I'll post a screenshot when I go home. The question I have is the default = auto thing? I thought it will keep the voltage on default setting. I'll double check it with CPUz.

    For the NB heat, earlier when I was used to overclock with MB software, I could reach 240 FSB. At that time the CPU heat was 65C. (20 minutes on prime95-Lots of memory option).
    So I guess I can safely reach that.
  15. Well, I'm hoping there is an option that will let you pick a specific voltage, instead of just adding voltage, if you know what I mean. Look around a little bit and see if you can find any other voltage options.

    For verification, yes, I meant for you to leave the memory frequency set to 400mhz.

    Also, if we are able to find more voltage settings you will have a more balanced/efficient OC.
  16. Last night, I started again.

    Couldn't find any more voltage options in my BIOS :cry: So I set all to default.
    PCI-Ex locked at 100MHz. Spread Spectrum disabled.

    Changed the ram timings to 3-3-3-9 @ 400MHz. Didn't go beyond 222 FSB.
    Changed the ram timings to 4-4-4-12 @ 400MHz. Didn't go beyond 222 FSB.
    Changed the ram timings to 5-5-5-15 @ 400MHz. Didn't go beyond 222 FSB.

    Changed the ram timings to 3-3-3-9 @ 533MHz. Didn't go beyond 222 FSB.
    Changed the ram timings to 4-4-4-12 @ 533MHz. Didn't go beyond 222 FSB.
    Changed the ram timings to 5-5-5-15 @ 533MHz. Didn't go beyond 222 FSB.

    I didn't try the 667 MHz option because it will increase the ram speed beyond the limits.

    It seems to my like my mobo is restricting me on something which I can't guess yet! :??:

    Mobo manual:
  17. Ic. Well, you could try using the voltage regulator. And add .05v or so. Just make sure you monitor those temps and stay under a total of 1.5v. (Not added, but as read by CPU-Z)

    Keep those RAM timings loose (400mhz 5-5-5-xx) while you test this out to keep the RAM out of the equation for now.
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