Wd mybook world II recovery

I mistakenly erased a WD Mybook World II share-folder and need to recover the files.

I have the drive connected to a Linux server running Testdisk. Found some directory structure but cannot locate the data folders - it's different than the original mybook world (blue ring) drive - which I've done this proceedure on before.

Any suggestions on where to look?

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion Billy.

    I erased the "share folder" using the WD web interface. I was there on purpose to erase a folder, but picked the wrong folder to erase. Big mistake.

    I have the drive online with a linux server, I can see folders and such. My issue was finding the folder location on the drive where files are stored. This is a newer "white light" version, and the directory structure is not at all like the older "blue ring" version.

    Anyone with a white light version out there who knows what I mean?

  2. Hi

    I am facing exactly your same problem. DId you manage to resolve this issue? Is so please let me know,

    BEst regards
  3. Hi Jack,

    I did solve. It was over 4 years ago for me so I'm a bit foggy... I think I managed to piece together all the drives/directories from several connect PCs that had Windows "available offline" sync enabled. There is information on the net describing where to find these offline copies should you be fortunate enough to have any PCs configured this way.

    WD was not particularly helpful and after they changed the file format I gave up on using mybook products. I had several of the worldbook units and over the years saw about 4 drive failures, which were all easy to deal with. The new version was a nightmare for me so I upgraded to a full file server with multiple drive RAID redundancy to be safe. If important files are on the drives I suggest enabling the Windows offline function on at least 1 connected PC... it was the only thing that saved me.

    Good luck!
  4. Thank you for the response. Unfortunately I dont have such an option :)!
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