How do I know if my 4870x2 is performing to its potential?

I just built my core i7 system...

core i7 920
gigabyte ud5
Sapphire 4870x2

I loaded on Crysis, 1680x1050 2xAA Very High everything and it's lagging...I thought it should be smooth as butter with this setup.

Also I thought in Catalyst, it supposed to show CrossfireX somewhere on the drop down list, mine is not.

Did I do something wrong? I'm kind of dissapointed.

What 3dmark's score should I get with extreme everything 1680x1050?
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  1. Using 512mb 4870 Crossfire (our scores should be similar with the advantage going to you because of the high res / extra memory) with Vantage Extreme I clock X7000. Your processor at stock is basically similar to mine at its current OC so I'd expect something similar from your machine.

    Crysis however does require some updates to work correctly with Crossfire in many instances and I've found Crysis dies on my machine with AA although thats due to a lack of patching...

    As for the Catalyst, yes. The panel on the left side, at the bottom there should be a CrossfireX link.
  2. How do i know my card is working to it's full potential?

    I'm using the 3dMark that came with Sapphire 4870x2, and if i remember correctly at extreme everything, 1680 x 1050, i was getting like 15-20 fps on the Jane's Adventure thing, and my score was like 12000???

    Is this right???
  3. Ok,

    Last night, I got everything installed and running great.

    I load on Crysis, expecting it to run like butter on this setup... core i7, 4870x2, 6 gigs ram, etc...

    I put everything to very high, 1680x1050, 2xAA, and it's still no better than the original gateway i bought with the i7 4850 512mb. It's laggy, not smooth as butter at all???

    Then I ran the 3dMark that came with the sapphire card, on the first test, Janes Adventure (or something) 1680x1050, extreme everything, i was getting like 15fps??? And my overall score was like 12000 if i remember correctly.

    This doesnt seem right to me. All of the drivers are updated, and my system is stable.

    How Do I know this card is running properly?

    (also when you go to CCC, it doesnt show 2gigs of GPU ram, it just shows 1gig twice for both chips?)
  4. Which preset are you running?
  5. cjl said:
    Which preset are you running?

    In CCC I have everything on high custom settings.
  6. this guy on youtube, along with many others are achieiving 50fps on crysis with 1- 4870x2, how???
  7. wick001 said:
    In CCC I have everything on high custom settings.

    Which settings specifically?

    Also, the preset I was referring to was in 3dmark itself - you will score lower on the extreme preset than on performance for example (you can select in the options in 3dmark)
  8. wick001 said:
    this guy on youtube, along with many others are achieiving 50fps on crysis with 1- 4870x2, how???

    Note that he's on high, not very high. There's a big performance difference between the two.
  9. What settings should I be running Crysis & 3dmark at?
  10. I guess I am just dissapointed because when i bought that Gateway 680001le from best buy (corei7 920, 3 gigs ram, (1) 4850 512mb), and ran crysis at full settings 1680x1050, there is no difference with my computer now corei7 6 gigs of ddr3 1333, and nearly 4 times the power with my 4870x2....

    I just was expecting more, unless somthing isn't set right. But all my drivers are current, and my system is stable.
  11. ..........After a night of tweaking, overclocking, testing.... All I can say is Wow.... This System IS AWESOME.

    I am Pwning Crysis now @ 55-70fps 1680x1050.

    Glad I bought this system :)
  12. Again, on what preset? I mean, if you're playing it on High, it wouldn't be wondering.

    But still, I have to agree on you, you have a great system.

    What case are you using?
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