Two 1TB RAID or WD Black 2TB

Hi there,

I am trying to decide what HDD to get for my current system.

The choices I have seem to be:

2x Samsung 1TB in a RAID


2x WD Black 1TB in a RAID


1x WD Black 2TB

Price isn't really that much of a difference, Samsung is the cheapest, then WD Black 1TB, then WD Black 2TB.

Pricing aside, which of the three above would perform the best?
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  1. Two Samsung F3s would outclass buth Western Digital setups.
  2. Why? The benchmarks on this site showed the WDBlack 1TB to be ahead of the Samsung F3s,

    What am I missing?
  3. Here are the benchmarks I was reading:,2430-8.html

    PS: Why Can't I edit my posts?
  4. ^ the 1TB F3 is faster than the 500GB...But like I said in your other post, the WD Black 2TB is faster...,2528.html

    And I doubt for a gaming PC, RAID would offer any significant advantage...And not to forget the reliability factor here...drives in RAID are more prone to crashing than standalone drives...And that too in RAID 0, even if 1 drive crashes, all data is lost...
    So rather stick with 2TB Black if you want high performance...
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