Overclock ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330

I have ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330.
I have found that its desktop version uses greater clocks. can I reach to that clocks on my laptop`s graphic card without damaging system? will it give me better result than previous setting? battery life is not important for me!
also i have windows 7 home basic with Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.3GHz and 4gb ram. 512 mb graphic is theirr any utility to overclock my card. i have tried Ati tool. gpu tool, riva tuner but nothing works.
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  1. No, the desktop platform has better cooling. so you will either cook the laptop Or just the card if you try to OC it.

  2. One advice: Better not~!
  3. Speaking out of experience with ATI Mobility Cards (latest beeing the 4670), i would advise against OCing it. Two distinct reasons:

    1. Cooling. ATI is well known for their "chernobyl-like" temps and u will have to trust me when i say, temps will skyrocket after the OC. Even if u will use, say, a Zalman ZM-NC2000 cooling pad, u will still run too high for comfort (own experience).

    2. Artifacts/Stability. Unfortunatly, u will not be able to overclock it too high before the artifacts start showing up which will hinder the whole process useless/pointless. Add to this the ATI drivers which u will have to try out one by one to make sure u find the most stable one and u dont end up crashing it after the first reclock (own experience). Dont forget we are talking about a Mobility card, not a desktop one and this usualy means they tend to be dependent on the drivers released by the laptops manufacturer for the best stability (and thats with the clocks set to standard)

    Conclusion/Performance. The performance increase will be unnoticeable (given the fact u want a stable overclock). To express this in percentages/numbers: u will be able to squeeze 6-8%, AT MOST, out of it which would translate into an increase of 1-2 FPS in games (2008-2009 games). U will find all kind of "enthusiasts" bragging on forums about how high they managed to overclock their mobile GPUs. Im not saying its impossible but i would be so daring as to claim: unlikely (without any adding/removing of parts on/to/from their machines and after spending hours on end tunning and re-tuning and re-re-tuning the clocks). At the end of the day ... do u really need the headache for the extra 6-8%/1-2 FPS?

    Hope i managed to give u an ideea of what this mobile GPU overclocking is all about.

    PS: anyone, feel free to correct me if im wrong and/or prove me wrong, im always open to (constructive) criticism.
  4. yea just take ur bottom laptop panel off and self mount cooling pad xd=) do not go over 620 on memory or it will start flickering on core i safely went to 624
  5. also try changing ur native resolution and put it in registry i was able to come down to 1360x766 from 1366x 768 with still full screen ati tool is ur biggest friend search internet for optimal gaming settings there. and driver--- ati opencl v2 beta 4 the one with 129 megabites. that should put u at that range
  6. my settings were like this for quite long time so i recomend it. In case if u oced it too hard u still able to ctrl alt delete out. i`ve done it plenty of times
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