Intel x25-m vs ocz vertex 60gb

I am planning on buying a SSD. It will mainly store my OS, and a few programs that I use most often. I am torn between the intel x25-m and ocz vertex 60gb. According to the revues that I have read the Intel X25-M has a better read/wrtite but it is 20gb's smaller than the ocz vertex 60gb. And in most cases (so I have heard) the OCZ vertez 60gb is not far behind.

Any advise would be helpful :)
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Are you referring to the X25-M or the X25-V? It sounds like you mean the X25-V, which is is 40GB, while the X25-M comes in 80GB and 160GB sizes.
  2. Yes your right that was my mistake. **X25-V**
  3. X25-V will be faster for loading your OS and opening apps, but you'll only have 37GB of formatted space to use, assuming you don't set aside any extra spare area. That should be enough room for a fairly good selection of core apps to install as well as your OS, but you'll need to manage your apps more carefully than if you had the extra room on Vertex to play with. All things considered I'd probably go with the X25-V.
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