Odd Problem, Data Salvageable?

Having a bit of an odd problem with my 1TB Hitachi drive, and figured that some of the brilliant minds of Tom's might have some input.

Basically, I started getting crashes fairly frequently (~1 crash/week) over the last 3 weeks. Messed around for a bit, figured out that I was having issues with my 1TB Hitachi. Attempted to back up data from drive, but each large file transfer gets stuck at 18%. Small files seem to transfer alright individually, but any single file or groups of files over 100 megs or so stops at exactly 18%. My C: drive (500GB Seagate) is working fine.

Needless to say, this is frustrating; I can transfer individual songs, but attempting to transfer my entire music library results in a hang. All of my movies are stuck on the drive as well. Chkdsk run multiple times, it hangs when attempting to repair bad sectors on D: (1TB), at 28% every time.

Any thoughts on A) whether the drive can be salvaged, B) what the specific issue is, and C) whether the data on the drive will be recoverable?

Quick summary of my system:

Q6600 @ 3.0GHz
4GB Kingston RAM (DDR2 800)
1x Seagate 500GB HDD
1x Hitachi 1TB HDD
Windows 7 32-bit
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  1. It seams that you have a fault with the controller with this hard drive. Have you checked with the manufactures web site for a firmware update for this drive? You could also try running the manufactures diagnostic software.
  2. Hey pjmelect, thanks for commenting.

    First of all, I'm an idiot; the drive in this particular PC is a Hitachi, not a Seagate; I've corrected the original post to reflect this.

    In response to your questions, Hitachi no longer offers driver downloads for its HDD's (according to them the ones bundled with Windows are sufficient). I've attempted to run a few of their diagnostic tools, but none are able to do much with the drive.

    I did attempt to run HDTune (repeatedly), and it initiated a hard crash in the same spot each time. Here's a quick screengrab of the benchmark prior to failure:

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