Converting IDE drives out of NAS Server

I was recently given 2 Lacie NAS 1U rack servers (fully depreciated assets, lol) with 4 500GB (IDE :( ) Seagate drives in each for a total of 4TB.

My question is, should I break out the drives and *try* to RAID them? I was planning on using a SATA to IDE backplate converter on each, which *might* give me a boost in performance over having them as individual drives, or should I just leave them in the rack as-is and get a good gigabit switch (not sure how good the onboard gigabit NIC is on my board)?

I plan on using the storage for dumping/copying tons of HD video edits. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

My current rig is currently this:

AMD PhenomII 955BE
MSI 790FX-GD70 board
3x320GB Seagate SATAII in RAID 0
Antec 300 chassis
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  1. I would go with RAID and Gigabit myself.
  2. the problem is that i can only choose 1. since i currently have a striped raid array on my main machine, i wouldnt mind maxing out the gigabit bandwidth. i'm not sure if this is possible, but would a software raid be doable with winxp embedded on the lacie rack?
  3. Doesn't the rack server allow you to configure the drives as a RAID array?
  4. no, as there is no raid controller.
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