Can't overclock??

So i just bought a new pc (acer aspire m3202) for my little brother from the mall. after a while use i wanted to check if i could overclock it a bit with the stock cooler but when i got to the bios there was no options to overckock it. so is impossible to overclock it, i have tried the amd overdrive, still cant overclock. so is it possible or not??
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  1. It is not possible to overclock most pc's that are manufactured from Dell, Acer, hp etc. They would not want you to hurt the cpu while oc'ing and then reset the bios and have you then get a new computer under the warranty. What dell used to do was manufacture their own mobo's. Idk if its the same for acer but i imagine so. Especially if its a laptop. Also, it is much more dangerous to oc a laptop since they do not have very good heatsincs.
  2. its not a laptop. but if i cant oc it its ok. thank you anyway
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