HELP! need to know whats wrong with my new build

HI. i just got my graphics card today. I've been waiting for this last componnent for awhile. i have had everything else and this is the last piece to let me know that my comp will run. I plug it in hooked up the pci express cables as well. when i turned it on from my powersupply, i didnt get a green light that i usually got. before my fans were spinning and everything seemed to be running but as soon as i put in the GPU, it doesnt even start. Can u tell me what's wrong and where the problem lies from thiss? i need to know asap! thanks
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  1. You need to list the full system specs. I doubt anyone will stab in the dark with a guess without knowing what hardware they're working with.
  2. motherboard:asus p5nd
    GPU:xfx 9800gtx+
    PSU:Antec 850 tru power
    CPU:intel quad core 6600
    Case:antec 900
    Memory:G skill Pi series ddr 800 2x2g
    Seagate 250 gig harddrive
    samsung 22x light scribe for optical.

    PS. i unpluged the GPU and i turned on the system. it ran and the fans started working again.. hmm.. -_- what could be wrong..
  3. Do you have both 6-pin pci-e power connectors plugged into the GPU? Is the 4-pin CPU power connector plugged into the motherboard in addition to the 24-pin motherboard power connector?
  4. i figured it out.. i only needed to put in one six pin instead of 2. i pluged in 2 but why do i not see my bios??
  5. Your GPU will not work correctly without both 6-pin connectors plugged in.
  6. Can you verify that the wiring is the same for both 6-pin PCIe power connectors? Your symptoms appear like a direct short-circuit of the power supply.
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