Confused pzl help me!

Ok,here goes:
my current system specs are:
intel core 2 quad q8400
4gb ddr2 800 kingston ram
asus 448 bit gtx 260
case cooler master haf 932 with 3 120 mm fan blowing in at 2000rpm
200mm at top (stock)pulling out and another 120mm exhaust at 2000rpm at back.

i overclocked my gpu to these specs 725/1462/1235 from 576/1242/999
the temps are as follows idle 38 degrees for the gpu and 30 for memory
i have no watercooling and people on other forums say its almost impossible to have this big a oc on a stock cooler,
i have tested the oc with msi kombuster for 3 straight hours no problem
Is there something im missing? plz help:D :hello:
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  1. IT sounds good, as long as you are not artifacting. Look for a tool called GPU tool And test for stability with it... If your card freaks out during the stability test and little yellow dots start appearing in the test window (Artifacts) you should start your OC again. Start from stock... push it up 50Mhz On core and then test. Then use increments of ten until you get instability. then dial it back 10MHZ and move on with the same technique on ram and shader core, Keep a hawkeye on your temps. dont let them over 80'C

    My personal favorite OC software is MSI Afterburner and Gpu Tool (Techsmart)
    Google them

    Good luck!:D
  2. I'm running my two GTX 260 (216)s at GPU 701 / MEM 1175 / SHADER 1511 without issues.. fan set to 72% constantly.. Idle at 35C. I don't think isn't impossible at all as I've seen the GTX 260 as high as 730 on stock cooling (though with the fan on 100% - LOUD!). Some GPU's are born special. I've seen 8800's running with insane clocks for stock cooling, I think sometimes they just do a better job of fitting the cooler. It also makes a big difference if you have a quality build case with lots of cooling and cable management etc.
  3. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Ur temps are fine since u have a very good case with a very good airflow. Now, test all the rig with some program like 3DMark06 and see what happen with ur temps.
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