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I have a Iomega Prestige 500GB that I've been using for around 5 months. One day, it just bricked with nothing on either device manager or disk manager. It spins like normal but it just doesn't get through to the computer.

I tried different computers and a new enclosure, but nothing works. I opened up the case, did some research, and it seems to be related to a "BSY bug" that Seagate was having with their Barracuda drives. However, I couldn't have them fix it, because I bought the drive through Iomega.

The weirdest thing is that no one on the internet seems to have a similar problem. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix it?
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  1. Have you tried connecting the drive directly to the (presumably SATA) connector on a desktop computer. If the bug can be fixed by a download I'm sure Seagate will be happy to supply a patch. In my experience, the hard drive manufacturers are the least unhelpful of all the hardware suppliers.

    Alternatively, if the Iomega is only around 6 months old and there's a known bug with the hard drive, see if Iomega will fix it under warranty.
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