Parts for New Gaming Machine 2009 ? Help Needed.

Hi...I've been out of the loop for about 18 months. I built my son a kick ass Quad Machine that has not missed a heart beat with everything we have thrown at it to this very day. Although I am half savy with building computers, Pre DDR 3, I have become confused with the new types of ram and for all the rest...WELL.............It would be good to save 60 hours of research this time if I can help it :)

What Motherboard would you suggest! I would rate this as I always do the place to start and I am willing to pay around the $500.00au mark...IF it keeps my going longer with newer parts yet to be released and all that...Or simply because you pro's recommended it:)

CPU...which Quad...this is where I may be prepared to go cheaper if the difference between a Q6600 for $318.00au & say a $500.00au Quad is only marginal with regards to FPS...not benchmark scores.

Power Supply.......................I've always done well by spending the dollars on this item. God knows what kind of connections are out now and the stability requirements these days. What you say on this piece of equipment. I'll be running multiple HDD's, burning blurays, wanting to run the latest Graphics and yadda yadda?

RAM........................DDR3 6GIGS wtf is all that about?????? I'm not interested in one I knows uses it...I got sick of all the BS run arounds to run certain software ect....therefore 4 Gigs will do me and yea...I can live with it running at 3.5 on a 32bit system. No offence to 64bit users...just not main stream enough for my purposes.

GRAPHICS...dare I ask.

HDD...........what size is too big for a primary and what's considered fast for ramming these days?

That's about all the parts I am interested in at the moment...any comments on those would be great.
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  1. Well if u are open to suggestions, then u can look into the new Phenoms II which have been released...they surely fit ur bill and now are very competitive wit the intels...
    But still if u want to go with intel way, the Q9550 is the best option..

    intel Q9550-

    at present the best P45 motherboard...
    Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P

    Corsair 2X2GB DDR2 800

    As for the HDD, get the WD BLACK 640GB...they are the best performing HDD...

    As for PSU...
    Corsair TX-650 650W ATX Power Supply

    Now everyones card...
    Well go wit the ATI...because the board supports crossfire...
    If u are willing to spend a gud amount on the card, the gt the ATI 4870 1GB... and later add another one...
  2. Thanks...this is the kind of direction I am looking for...Thanks for the reply!!!!!
    I went Intel about 18 months ago...have no idea how AMD or if AMD has made a comeback or even surpassed...or perhaps just neck & neck :)
  3. But if u want to go more advanced, then the core i7 is the latest here...
    But on the gaming front it provides very less improvement over the Q9550...
    But is the king of multitasking and other video editing works...
  4. Well AMD Phenom II are now very competitive with the core2 but nt the core i7...
  5. Thanks, but if I can, I usually like to stick with the previous generation to that of the next that has either just hit the market or about to come out...Obviously money reasons...The only prob for me is that I was out of the loop for 18months, and I can respect the amount of research time that goes into keeping up with it all. This is why I am so appreciative of the help guys like you can offer.

    Basically I like to match parts for overclockability...although only for fast & stable otherwords even though I build around overclockability, I dont overclock :)
  6. I will most certainly look into AMD now its been a while....I never just stick with a Brand for names sake...don't have that much money to waste:)
  7. Davekyn said:
    I will most certainly look into AMD now its been a while....I never just stick with a Brand for names sake...don't have that much money to waste:)

    Well to an extent correct but I feel tat for certain items like the PSU and the RAM, u shuld nt take chances...
  8. Understood...just as well those items don't compete at the same rate...otherwise I'd be ripping my hair out. Basically I agree with what you saying there & am pleased to say I happily recognise most of those parts you mention. I may stick with (as you say) a silverstone power supply, but if I wish to save a few buck think your pick is better than good.
  9. The PSU which I have given is also comparable to the Silverstone...the corsair PSUs are worth the change...
    the 650tx has 52A on a single +12V rail, which is u wont be skimping on the quality even a slightest bit...
  10. Thanks again...will check back in a couple of days when I get time off work to scope out my options a little more. You have been a big help!
  11. Davekyn said:
    Thanks again...will check back in a couple of days when I get time off work to scope out my options a little more. You have been a big help!

    :) looking forward to help...
  12. Davekyn said:
    I will most certainly look into AMD now its been a while....I never just stick with a Brand for names sake...don't have that much money to waste:)

    AMD does have a bit more bang for buck.

    Here is their Phenom II X4 940 $220

    And a mobo $140

    As for graphics card a 4870 or GTX 260 is good

    And seeing as how your not overclocking i would say 1066 ram
    G-Skill 2x2 4GB 1066 RAM $53
  13. Hey man just regards to the 64 bit comments... There are no "work arounds" needed when using 64bit software.. As far as mainstream business applications i cant comment on but burning software gaming and photoshop and stuff. Windows 7 64 has NO issues and requires no extra knowledge to configure... not to mention its faster and IS the future which WILL let you hold out longer... just my 2 cents :)
  14. No worries Pesh...was just a few issues I ran into was all...I appreciate your input. OK guys...I got a little bit of free time and sourced out some parts from the one place I usually shop online with...Umart. I had a friend also ask what I could come up with for around $1500.00 in a box only. This is what I cam up with...please let me know what you think: I am going budget on this so hopefully the motherboard will still be up to it.

    Antec TITAN650 Server Case - BLACK TruePower Trio 650W PSU
    Internet Price: $284.00

    Intel CORE 2 Q6600/2.4Ghz/2x4MB/1066FSB/LGA77
    Internet Price: $319.00

    Corsair TWIN2X4096-8500C5D 4GB (2x XMS2 2GB) PC-8500 (1066MHz) DDR2 5-5-5-15
    Internet Price: $163.00

    Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L P45+ICH10 FSB1600 DDR2 1366+ SATA2 GbN ATX
    Internet Price: $182.00 ............. I hope I have not let myself down with this motherboard as I usually regard them as the foundation of a good com...Had to keep it basic to keep the cost down & still get a decent graphics card? I have chosen to go without raid and a few other extras I wont be using, but still thought this might be a good brand of chipset ect...????

    Samsung 500G SATA II 7200rpm
    Internet Price: $92.00

    Leadtek GF GTX260 Extreme PCI-E2.0 896MB
    Internet Price: $405.00

    Samsung 22X DVDRW Black SATA
    Internet Price: $27.00

    Total = $1472.00

    Here we have a Quad core system + 4 gigs of ram with a Mid Range "Yet" high performance video card & with what I am hoping will be a quality power supply that is Big enough to push the Graphics? ...Best for the choice I had from the one shop...Antec has served me well in the past with regard to power supplies...wont be running sli or a hundered HDDs?

    May have to double check the motherboard for compatibility, but should be right.

    The hard drive may not sound big by today’s standards, but well and truly big & fast enough to suit my requirements and stay within the budget of $1500.00au

    Whilst I may not hit benchmarks of high end machines, based on the performance of my Sons Quad 6600 I don’t believe I can fault it for playing today’s games. My son’s is yet to flinch at anything yet been released and He is only using an 8800GTS640mb card ect...This system can be upgraded to higher end components down the track... I am almost tempted to stop spending Thousands as I have done in the past as I really can’t believe just how long our first Quad has hung in there. Yadda Yadda... If you see any inconsistency with the gear I have selected please advise...I did spend a lot more time in an overclockers forum selecting the gear for my sons. Compatibility is everything...I have seen too many systems that sound good crash due to poor matching of components. It’s just so hard keeping up with it all. Open to any suggestions...Thanks again all!

    PS...reasons for skimping on CPU...we have that model it I know it's yet to be stumped...I'm saving a $120 buy sitting on this model...I can live with the 65n for now...also skimped on HDD as this too is running in our unstoppable machine & is basically another saving...Whatever I can save on goes on the Graphics type of thing...if ya know what I mean.......Do you understand this method and is it how you guys try to meet a budget system for gaming?

  15. I'm running a q6600 on 64 bit Vista Business with 8 gigs of ram. It's plenty fast for everything on the market. Vista loves Ram. Vista with 2 gigs of Ram seems to run like XP with 512MB. Vista with 4 gigs of Ram runs like XP with 1 gig of Ram. Vista with 8 gigs of Ram is faster than XP with 2 gigs.

    Vista 64 seems completely mainstream to me. I tried XP 64 one time and I couldn't even get drivers for all my hardware I got frustrated and switched back to 32 bit XP. Vista 64 installed all my hardware automatically during the OS install without any trouble.

    I might go AMD Phenom 2 tricore 720BE because they're cheap and a 790G motherboard is cheaper than a p45 motherboard.

    DDR2 is just as fast as DDR3 still and the prices are bargin basement right now. 4 gigs of top of the line ddr2 1066 can be had for ~77.1898 AUD from what I see. DDR3 would be twice that for no performance gain yet.

    I'd probably grab an ATI 4870 1 gig card over an Nvidia 260 cheaper and faster.

    Western Digital Black is fast and cheap. Seagate 7200.12 are quick too.
  16. The P45 is a good chipset.
    You should be fine getting DDR2-800 RAM. Choose RAM that will operate at its advertised timings on the JEDEC standard 1.8V. I usually use Mushkin.
  17. Get the 720 BE and the Biostar 790 mobo, the cheapest one.

    Then you could try and get the fourth core running and you would have a 925 before it's even been released :).

    Or if you want to get an am3 board since amd's cpu offering's next year will be am3 only then you'll have to get ddr3 memory aswell. Get 1600mhz since they seem to be the lowest speed that outpaces ddr2, you'll have to overclock though so through a decent cpu cooler in aswell.
  18. Don't have time to answer you all as to why I may not consider certain options on offer here...but to let you know how my quest is going.....& it is going quite well...+...if you get time gkay09, check out:
    Will pop back in to write up my progress at a latter stage. Perhaps this will give some of you a better idea from how I am looking at this project :)
    By all means---I am considering everything every word that is said here though & am sucking it all up like a sponge...Thanks guys :bounce:
    I need more...just added the link as you probably need to see my perspective is all.
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