Overclock amd athlon 64 x2 3600 with ecs motherboard

Hello, I have a amd athlon 64 x2 3600 1.90 ghz processor with ddr2 800 (2 gigs of memory) with a ECS elitegroup HT 2000 GeForce 6100 sm-m motherboard I would like to overclock I have not done anything to try to overclock yet
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  1. I've heard this chip can easily get all the way to 2.9GHz safely on air.

    You need to do some searching on the forum as not many people will take the time to write a personal tutorial on how to overclock just for you when it's been posted and uploaded to youtube to whatever like a million times.

    You go into bios and from there you can change the FSB / Host frequency, CPU multiplier / ratio etc.

    If you have a FSB of 200MHz, and a multiplier of x14.. you're chip is running at 2.8GHz (200x14). If you can, changing the multiplier and leaving your FBS alone normally gives better results for first time overclockers and it doesn't effect your RAM etc.

    If you did have a FSB of 200MHz, and a multiplier of x14 (running at 2.8GHz) and you increased the multiplier to 18 (as I have) then your chip is now running at 3.6GHz.

    You need to increase your settings one bit at a time, and then each time you boot into windows you do a stress test with Prime95 or something similar and keep an eye on your temps. If your computer runs stable and cool, increase your settings again and repeat this until your computer is unstable or gets too hot, then dial your overclock back to the last time it was stable.

    If you want to keep pushing, the only way to make an overclocked chip stable it more voltage, and eventually even with a load of extra juice your chip will hit a limit and wont go any further without blue screens or the smell of smoke ;].

    Hope this helps.
  2. Since you have fairly decent ram you should expect a decent overclock.

    I used to use a 3800x2 am2 so I got a good idea how those samples go. Leave the multiplier as it and same for HT. You wont need to bump the volts all that much except for maybe on the ram but make sure it is not getting hot before you do. Start at 220 bus speed and work from there. I got to 245 on lower end ram than you so perhaps you can expect similar results. You want to put the ram in 667 or 533 mode if possible at raising the bus speed will raise the physical clocks of your ram.
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