8800GTX replacement?

i had a minor crisis a few weeks back and well needes money fast so i stripped my computer and had to sell my 8800GTX =( i know it was a sad time for me too but now things are getting back to normal and well i want a new GPU (i've lived wihtout my games for too long) my faithful 8800GTX was my baby and kept me going through everything and my CPU was the bottleneck but im planning on buying a new mobo in the future to OC my processor so i want to buy a new card that will keep me going through a few years i may even buy a 2nd or 3rd one in the future to give an FPS boost in a year or so so my question whats outhere that is for around £150 that is a good steady future ready GPU? I'm running on a antec earthWatts 500 so PSU has to run atleaste one GPU for now il upgrade later... anyways help will be appreciated...
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  1. The HD4870 is a good choice if you can find it for that price, or the HD4850.
  2. hd870 1gb or 512mb is the 1gb really worth it?? because i can probs afford the512 now but i may have to0 wait a bit for the 1 gb...
  3. Have you actually considered getting another 8800GTX? If it served you well before, I don't see why it can't continue doing so. Prices have dropped, and by not replacing your mobo, you can save even more money—great way to build up nest egg for your next upgrades! :D
  4. 8800GTX < HD 4850 < HD 4870 512MB < HD 4870 1GB. Whatever you can afford. Go with the 512MB if the 1GB version is too expensive. The difference is usually 3 to 5 fps.
  5. GTX280-GTX260
  6. Minimum PSU recommendations (from Visiontek and BFG):
    HD 4850 450W+
    HD 4870 500W+
    GTX 260 525W+
    GTX 280 550W+

    I guess you could try a GTX 280 indeed. If you run in trouble, nothing wrong should happen, because Antec PSUs are good and they know to shut down without blowing up the MB. If that happens, you can always underclock the card to make it consume less, or buy a bigger PSU.
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