SM Bus Controller chipset driver

hello, got error for the below

ATI Chipset 3.0.664.0 Vistax86

for installation on xp.
How don't the error for the
SM Bus Controller. Already try update does not work

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  1. I'm very confused by what you've wrote.

    you are trying to install xp instead of vista?

    you're getting a chipset error?

    are you trying to install the 32 bit version of windows?
  2. Install XP.
    Yes, 32 bit version windows
    the error if you go in Device manager is :
    The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

    To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver
  3. Look in your system drive for a folder named ATI/Support/7-9_xp32-64_sb_52443 or a similar looking folder. The numbers may be different.
    The correct folder will have the letters "sb" as part of the name.
    Navigate within that folder and there will be a folder named SMBus and there you will find the drivers you seek.

    If you cannot find these things you can download just the SMBus driver from
    HERE. (6KB)
  4. hello, and thanks for the information where could get the 'sb'. But it didn't work.
    Thus tried the link to download. It did work.
    Where did you get the file driver?
  5. jerry8 said:
    hello, and thanks for the information where could get the 'sb'. But it didn't work.
    Thus tried the link to download. It did work.
    Where did you get the file driver?

    Where did I get it? Aw c'mon now... give up my secrets? But I'm happy the see that it worked.:)

    I have a few things that are nearly impossible to get anymore, and some things I am the last hope. It all depends on what someone needs and if they come to Tom's Hardware to find them. I don't participate in other forums, thus, you got your driver by coming to the best place on the internet for help.

  6. 1. Hello, would like to know where i can get the installation/setup file to install
    Preboot eXEcution (PXE) client/Server in BIOS. It's for a Acer Veriton M220 AMD processor.

    Can you clarify the Preboot eXEcution (PXE) client/Server in BIOS need for the installation information when doing a
    search on the web (for user general information)? Here are information (below) about the BIOS.
    1. AMD Processor
    2. Motherboard
    An AMIBIOS ID String Was Detected:
    - ---- ------ ------
    | | | |
    | | | Chipset/BIOS Info
    | | BIOS Build Date
    | Manufacturer ID
    BIOS ROM Information
    AMIBIOS ROM Size: 1024 KB
    BIOS Build Date: Dec 29 2008
    Motherboard Manufacturer Code: 0001Not listed in MAN.DAT file
    AMIBIOS Build Tag: 7B4A1E34
    AMIBIOS Project ID: 7B4A1E34 Not listed in TAG.DAT file

    Can you help me read the An AMIBIOS ID String Was Detected:
    The meaning of the information. Such as for example the meaning of MAN.DAT file
    and TAG.DAT file ?

    2. And for the BIOs would like to (so call restore) American Megatrends logo and if there is only logo
    and if there's other information to retore? Went to the Identifying AMI BIOS Products pdf am I in the right place Since there is the amiflash also.
    Is the amiflash the right software to get the American Megatrends logo? And what are the important steps example such as enable/disable BIOs configuration
    before update BIOS? And is there other steps.

    3. And heard there was a way to set/increase the RAM in BIOS. How do you do it?

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