Beginning dump of physical memory

have a dell dimension with 2gb ram 1gb sticks. Bios will recognize hard drive but when i boot with an xp cd windows does not see the drive. Getting bad_pool_caller and Beginning dump of physical memory. I have tested the memory and the hard drive. Not sure what is going on.
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  1. Is this an IDE or SATA drive ? Check Bios settings for HD. Get a good valid XP disc from a friend maybe, something already tested. Turn off overclocked CPU or RAM, check voltages for such to be the Default. If IDE drive on same data cable as DVD/CD, make sure you got the jumpers on the back set to one Master/other Slave and connected to the correct data cable plug. Both on cable select should work also, but some pcs have problems with that. Something in the hardware is configured wrong, see if there's anything on Dell website BIOS update that may be necessary to fix that also.
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