Higher FSB better?

I have a q6600 at 7 x 400 FSB equaling 2.8ghz. Stock is 9 x 266 equaling 2.4 ghz.

My question is: Is higher FSB better than having say a super high multipler as far as processing data/ being faster at the same frequency?

Ex. 6 multiplier at 500 FSB = 3.0ghz vs a 20 multiplier at 150 FSB = 3.0 ghz

It seems from some of the benchmarking I did that it "allows" more data to be pushed through? Is this a correct assumptions.

Please any input is well recieved.
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    pretty much.

    raising the FSB overclocks the whole system, whereas raising the multiplier only affects the CPU.

    most importantly the RAM will get a big boost from an FSB increase. though you won't be able to reach the same sort of overclocks as easily with FSB changes compared to multiplier changes.
  2. How do you increase FSB? Is there a program to do so?
  3. Its done in the BIOS as with all overclocking.

    if you have an AMD processor you can use ATI Overdrive to make changes within the OS. but i don't know if their is an intel equivalent.
  4. I would like to know if there is an equivilent. Seeing as how my bios dosent allow me to overclock via changing voltage/frequ. and I am currently using a program to change the voltage of my processor(E7500) so i would assume there was such a program.
  5. you could try setFSB, a handy program i have used in the past. can't say if it will work with your mobo though.

    im not aware of any equivalent to Overdrive though, so you may be out of lcuk. hopefully im wrong though and someone can recommend a program for the job.
  6. when i run fsb it sayes chipset error.
    how do i know what chipset to select?

    or a better question is
    what is the clock set generator for setFSB for a nvidia 610-620i?
  7. i think its an nvidia620i
  8. I've been trying to use evga precision will that work?
    when i change any of the settings and click apply they just deafault back. =[ i'm really sad right about now.
  9. Thanks for everyones replies, and Smitty your just better off spending $50 and buying a gigabyte board if you want to overclock using anything other than bios is always a gamble and hard to get good results without being able to control voltages.
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