[urgent will loose my data soon] primary hard drive failed

I have now very strange problem , when I start my PC in the morning I get a long waiting screen from bios until I get error "primary hard drive failed" :o

so I switched the power cable , sata cable and start again and it work normally and I booted normally inside win7 64bit without any problem

now the problem occurred again this time I heard the hard drive trying to power up then the sound gone and the error message appear again :o

I removed the hard drive and left the secondary HDD and it was always detected without any error from the bios !!

I changed the sata cable again and the HDD booted up this time and I heard the sound of the HDD this time , I am doing full backup now though

I really want to know is the problem in my new PSU or in my Hard drive or in my Motherboard ?

Here are my config:
PSU: CoolerMaster 850W
HDD1: WD 500GB (16 mb cache) <<<------ the problem hard drive
HDD2: WD 2T green (64mb cache) always detected in bios
DVD writer Samsung
Biostar I55
i7 860
No over clock for any components

Please advise how to know if my PSU is suppling enough power to my HDD or not and if the HDD will die soon

Thanks and looking for your replies
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    You could try the drive in another PC to test
    Put in a new SATA cable
    Try a different SATA power connector
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  3. I would have created a System Image and creating a recovery disk before removing the drive to test in another PC, this would allow you to recover the entire system with having to re-install the OS.
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