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I was told that there might be issues with the 1090t being able to overclock to 4ghz with 8 gigs of ram at 1600mhz because of memory controller issues, is this true?
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  1. Well, you'll be able to o/c to 4GHz, but not with RAM at 1600MHz.
  2. What would be my options then? Is it just that its because its 8 gigs that it wont work, like would it work if it was just 4? is 1600mhz just the problem, could I go to 1800?
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  4. No, 8GB of RAM will work, it's just that apparently the Phenom II's memory controller cannot handle four DIMMs of RAM at 1600MHz, thus you'll have to clock down to 1333MHz.
  5. Alright thanks a lot :)
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    Nonsense. I have the 1090t on an ASUS Crosshair IV with all six cores at 4.4 with 8 gig of Corsair Dominator rated at 7-7-7-20 1333 and it works fine at 1.9 volts 1600. The old Phenom limits do not apply to this chip.

  7. Im now confused lol :(
  8. The memory controller might have been upgraded in the c3 revision phenomII . The memory controller officially supports
    As you can see, not much has changed, but it does seem to be for the better. I want to put emphasis on the fact that it now supports four DIMMs at 1333MHz officially instead of two, so it looks like the memory controller has been upgraded.
    Anything above that is going to be on a user basis, because its overclocking beyond 'official' specifications.
  9. Ok that now makes sense :) thank you
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  11. NO ~
    1090T can run DDR3 2000 on C IV F
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