Kingston memory?

I don't get it, how come no one ever recommend kingston memory?
It is always corsair, OCZ, or G.skill.
Kingston has always been very good for me, especially the hyperx ones.
What about you guys?
They score pretty well on tom's reviews + they only use samsung chips.
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  1. Just my $ .02 worth, in over 15 years of building my own desktops systems, I've only had one instance where the RAM fried. There was that awful smell and blistering on the chip surface. To answer your question - that brand was KINGSTON. SInce then I've been a faithful G. Skill man and have had no "fried RAM" incidents since. Had I known KINGSTON was gonna heat up and fry like that, I would have brought some egss to that LAN party.
  2. If I had to guess I would say its because Kingston RAM isn't generally priced very well. You can generally get G. Skill cheaper and if your want high performance ram then go with corsair.
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