ASUS VK266H vs. Hanns-G HG-281DPB

I can get the ASUS for $350 right now or the Hanns-G for $300 but which should I buy... the real difference spec wise is size, refresh rate, contrast, and some brightness. My main concern is the quality of the Hanns-G... I have had plenty of ASUS products and none have been bad. I have never had anything from Hanns.

What do you pros think?
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  1. a few reads already but no replies.... this monitor will be used for light gaming and some movie watching.

    Here are links to the two on newegg to help make this easy.

    Thanks again for any advice
  2. I was just looking at this monitor, and I think I might actually get it. I was also looking at the Samsung T260HD ( I would really like a monitor with component in so I can hook up my PS2, Xbox 360 and PC. The VGA adapters aren't really worth any more trouble as they seem unreliable. This monitor also seems better spec wise, than the Samsung. It looks like I will be buy the Asus VK266H unless I find something that will clearly show me that I shouldn't. If you have it already, could you tell me how good it is? Is it a glossy screen? Have you tried it with a game console? Have you played any fast paced games on it? Thanks.
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