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Hello, i've overclocked gpus in the past bt i've never had the option to change the gpus core voltage. Kinda scared but i'de really like to see what this card can really do. Is it like cpu voltage overclocking where I bump it up like .25 until it loses stability? Cause if it is I was able to get a stable 3.8g on my i7 930 so I should be able to handle it. Also with this new option I must ask where should I start increasing the voltage first before clocks or other way around? Im always nervous about messing with the voltages BTW im using MSI afterburner if theres a better one out there plz lemme know, my card just kinda laughed at catalysts 10.4 options and for some reason ati tool wont lemme adjust anything...something to do with something.....cant remember but it said it wouldnt.
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  1. Well, Ive steadily gotten the card to 1.35 which is msi limit, oc from 850/1200 to 900/1300 but why cant i take it any farther?
  2. Got it, seems 5870s are limited to oc, im running at 975/1275 with a voltage of 1.1250v. Best prog i've found is "Amd gpu clock tool", there is no fan control and Ati Overdrive isnt too friendly with other oc prog running. I actually lowered the voltage to get a decent overclock. Sapphire hd 5870 eyefinity 6 btw. Can I get some feedback with the same card and some other 5870 plz. Maybe if someone has the msi lightning could chime in im curious as to see if it has any more headroom for oc.
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