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I was recently on my laptop when I noticed it startedf slowing down in downloading, and struggling to find an internet connection.I noticed a red box come up at the botom saying Driver failure. Another box came up telling me switch my computer off, so I did. When I tried to re-boot it, I couldn't get windows again. All I got was the black boot-up scrrens with the different options on re-booting like 'Restore to a previous setting', 'Safe mode' etc. I clicked on 'resume to windows as normal'. I took me to the windows logo, the screen went black, and then took me back to the boot-up screen again. So I tried all the different other options, and everyone just takes me round in circles- windows logo, and then boot up screen. How do I get out of this or fix it?
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  1. You can re-install windows without formatting to save your data, download and run mcafee avert stinger and run it, if you want to keep the install or delete partition and reformat to have a clean one.
  2. Sorry, I'm completely computer dumb. How do I download mcafee if I can't even access anything on my computer. I can't even get out of the boot up screen, and even then, I 've tried every option. I can't get my windows, I can't get the internet.
  3. Obviously you will have to use another computer to access internet and download things....

    To do a safe re-install of windows see here:
  4. I did say re-install windows without formatting. You are on this website through a computer you can access, the anti-virus/malware is the last step before backing up your data, you will have your new windows install to use. I still suggest when done with above steps to at least do a quick format, if not delete partition and re-create partition then full format, for a clean windows installation. Hopefully this description is clearer to you.
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