What's wrong with my DVD drive?

I recently burned 2 DVDs with the same software.
both DVD-R disks are "memorex DVD-R 16x", the only difference is one of them is compatible with Lightscribe.
I tried both disks on my desktop and both work just fine. But when I put them in my laptop, it would only read the one that doesnt have lightscribe.

can someone tell me why this is?
maybe the lightscribe disk is double layered or something?

nvm I figured it out, the one it's not reading is DVD+R, the one it reads is DVD-R
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  1. DVD+Rs should play just fine, as long as it was burned correctly. You may just need to download a different media player, such as VLC.
  2. it was burned correctly, it worked on 2 computers I tried it on. One of them is really old. I'm not sure why my laptop ROM wouldnt read it (the laptop is only 2 years old). A firmware update or something should fix it but I didnt bother to try. I went out and bought some DVD-R disks today so I'm all good.
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