Help Souping up P6T6

Hey forum! :hello:

I'm looking for some advice/guidance on juicing some more performance out of my rig (really I just want to increase the size of my computer penis)

Setup is as follows:
Core i7 920
Asus P6T6 WS Revolution Mobo
6 GiB Mushkin 1600 ram
Sapphire Vapor-X HD 4870 2GB GDDR5 PCI-E
Corsair 1000w psu
CoolerMaster V8 Cpu cooler (with the knob twisted all the way up to "Gun It" mode of course)
Thermaltake Element S case, stock (1 intake fan in front of the drive bays and the built in top intake and rear fan)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64
Autobots Decal on the front

I've heard the P6t6 is great for overclocking and I'm wondering how far I can get on my air cooling. Stability is a concern and I want it to last me a while so I wouldn't want to be running anything too chancey. It gets warm sometimes but usually if I'm running anything intensive for a while, I'll have the sides off.

I'm using it for music production and gaming; the only time I've ever seen its limits is during games, giving me low fps. I've been using the ATI Overdrive tool in Catalyst to bump up the video card but my fps still could be much higher. It's weird though, for instance, it'll run Crysis on max quite well without much visible lag, however running the benchmark scenes from Just Cause 2 on medium settings gives me 15 fps and pretty dirty lag while playing sometimes.

Basically I'm wondering if anyone has upclocked with the P6t6 and CM V8, what results I should expect, and what I should change in bios. Also anything else I can do to get more from my vid card or ram and increase my fps.

Btw, in case you can't tell I'm somewhat of a nube, especially to overclocking, so go easy.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Well, just make sure temps do not go above 75°C during Prime 95 for 100% load testing, and do not push the vCore above ~ 1.365V. As for what you should change in the BIOS, look up a few guides, here's a pretty decent one:
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