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Well i have tons and tons of dvds and i want to rip them all to my computer and play them through my xbox360 via windows media center. this build is going to be dedicated for this purpose only. I will have about 4TB worth of movies once this is all done, my question is what procesor would you reccomed for faster ripping and smooth playback through my 360. Also what motherboard would you all recommend, it must have atleast 5-6 sata connections for my hard drives.
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  1. If the program you are using to rip is coded to use a quad, then there you go.

    This board has 8 SATA and is a good one:
  2. I doubt you will have 4TB when all done. The xbox is extremely picky about what it will play, especially in media center.

    I been trying to do the same and all i can get media center to play is .wmv.

    Currently I stream .dvix to the xbox through the videos folder. Not quite what I was looking for.

    This is what I got setup on my moms PC, and what I wanted for the xbox, but I cant get it to work.

    Im buying a projector for xmas, so I guess I will use a PC to watch my DvD collection like this on my new 11 foot screen. And use the xbox 360 just for games.
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