Kingston ValueRAM - does it cause instability?

I have a Q6600 at stock and 4GB of 800MHz Kingston ValueRAM. Mobo is ASUS P5N32E SLI +

Set the FSB to 1333MHz, Memory @ 667, Vcore at 1.31V in BIOS

Windows 7 works fine, Prime runs stable for 4 hours, but Assassins Creed 2 crashes after about 10 mins.

Now, I noticed that when I changed the memory speed to 667MHZ, CPU-Z said the timings changed from 6-6-6-18, to 5-5-5-15. Also noticed that Vcore was 1.22V, which I am thinking is due to Vdroop of +/- 0.1V

Question is:

Do you reckon the system instability is caused by a low Vcore after Vdroop, and I should be setting Vcore in the BIOS to 1.38V ish, or just plainly that Kingston ValueRAM is unstable when you change the timings?
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  1. Did you run an memory test? I recommand you to use Memtest. After testing, If you have errors, try to increase the DRAM Voltage.

    PS: sorry my english
  2. Your Vcore will be lower do to speed step and some of it can be do to VDroop too. Your rams timings will change with its speed in auto mode the SPD usually has a few setting for different speeds. The lower the mhz of the Ram the tighter the timings can be run. Definitely run MeMtest to check your RAM.

    On Prime95 what test did you run did you run the blend test because that will test your memory alot. Another good test which I find will find errors alot quicker is OCCT.
  3. Yeah ran MEMtest on this memory not long after I bought it, 0 errors.

    Increased Vcore to 1.36 in the bios, which give 1.265V after Vdroop in CPU-Z. Game didn't crash

    However, When I tried an FSB of 1423, with 1.4Vcore in the BIOS, the machine BSOD on me just after windows loading screen, page fault error (memory related I guess)

    This memory runs fine at 800MHZ, so I have no idea why it wouldnt run at 712 in sync mode. Voltage of DDR2 in CPUID Hardware monitor is 2.14, which seems quite high, and from what i can gather, shouldn't be any highter on value-ram.

    Limited to to RAM speed by board. ASUS P5N32E series, max it will support is 800MHZ DDR"
  4. The official FSB is 400 MHz (800 MHz RAM clock).

    The FSB of my eVGA motherboard (same chipset) will run at a little more than 440 MHz.

    But MCP temps are pretty high.
  5. Exactly. 400x9 = 3.96GHz. Im trying to run at 3.2, but anything over 3 blue screens with a page fault error.
  6. Mark Duncombe said:
    Exactly. 400x9 = 3.96GHz. Im trying to run at 3.2, but anything over 3 blue screens with a page fault error.

    drop cpu the multiplier to 8 and boom 8x400=3.2ghz and ram at 800 if you know the timings of the memor set them to factory..i believe kingston value ram rns at 6 6 6 18 at 800mhz
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