Having to Underclock/Overvolt to boot ?

Oy All.

Here goes : Pc won't boot anymore, unless i max. Vcore voltage and up FSB voltage, and lower FSB/CPU freq. Rebooting constantly if at stock speed/voltages with the occational bluescreen

Btw. Pc have been running for 1½ Yrs. on an underpowered PSU (not anymore though, got me a Corsair TX650, installed it, and the pc ran fine at stock speed/voltage for about 2 days, then reverted to rebooting if running at stock).
And yes, 1½ Yrs. is alot .. I was convinced it was vista 64bit killing me .. But no.

HDD is Ok - RAM is Ok - Gfx/Gpu is Ok - PSU is Ok (voltages and amps are more than ample / minimal ripple) - Software/BIOS (+BIOSsettings) is Ok - Temps is Ok - Tested Vista 64Bit / Win2k / XpPro 32Bit with no difference (various HDD's). Have cleared CMOS - Disconnected all hardware, reinstalled 1 by 1 in different combo's - No visible loose connections or burnmarks anywhere.

Now, im thinking it's either the CPU or MOBO messing with me, but those are hard to test/errorcheck .. Aren't they ?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, as im almost out of ideas (ye, i know that i could "just" get another CPU/MOBO to test with, but the lack of cash u know .. )

Take Care Outthere.
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  1. (Edit) Addition : Pc will boot @ 2,4 GHz (stock 3GHz) @ norm voltages and remain close to stable. Could the BIOS Speedstep setting (minimal/automatic/disabled) minimal (when set to minimal cpu runs @ 2.4GHZ), be interferring with the MOBO/CPU ? (normally running with speedstep and c1 disabled, and maxed high performance power scheme).
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