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I have an AMD Phenom II X2 550BE cpu, Motherboard: Asus M4A78T-E and Kingston DDR3 1333MHz CL7 2x1.
I wanted to overclock my cpu, so i did it. It's stable at 3.6GHz @ 1.45v. If I will put the vcore voltage to 1.43, my pc will become unstable. It's a big voltage for only 3.6GHz.
I have seen on the internet a lot of people who overclocked it up to 4GHz @ 1.4 STABLE!
I think my cpu is bad.

Now, in bios, everything is set to Auto. You can see the details in the attached picture. I think the voltage 1.34v is too big for only 3.1GHz.

Any idea?

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  1. I didn't change the FSB. I used just the multiplier.
    At 3.6GHz my ram works at 667Mhz(1333Mhz).
    I don't want to overclock it up to 4GHz. It was just an example.

    I've tried to put NB voltage to 1.3v, cpu/nb to 1.5v, HT voltage to 1.2v. Nothing happens.

    I'm worried about the CPU voltage of 1.45v at 3.6GHz to be stable. That means I can't overclock it up to 3.8 for example.

    When everything is set tu Auto, system is stable. I ran prime95 for 12 hours.
  2. Not all chips overclock the same. A fact and risk of OCing. Since the chip is good at stock (at spec) it is not defective.
  3. Good news.
    I have reseted the bios an i've put:
    - FSB 200MHz (default)
    - Multiplier 15.5x
    - CPU Voltage 1.30v
    - CPU/NB 1.5v
    - HT Voltage 1.2v
    - NB Voltage 1.3v
    - RAM 1333MHz 1.74v

    I've ran prime95 for 4 hours and my pc was stable at 1.30v CPU Voltage. I hope I can overclock it now. Wish me luck :D
  4. Guys, help me, please!
    I have overclocked my cpu to up 3.8Ghz @ 1.51v voltage and it's not stable. What can I do?
    Actual infos:
    - HT Link 2000MHz
    - FSB 200
    - Multiplier 19x
    - RAM 1333MHz @ 1.76v
  5. HT Link shouldn't be higher than the NB. I think it's your mobo but you won't see any difference between 3.6 and 3.8.
  6. NB = HT Link = 2000MHz.

    I haven't an other cpu on am3 to check the mobo.
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