Which SSD to get?

Right ive had enough,My hard drive is so damn slow its realy getting to me now....It never used to be like this slow.

So im gonna take the Plunge and get a SSD Drive.

Which of the following would you get?

Id realy like to keep it around the £130-£150 ish mark,Must be 60Gb or more,30Gb ot less wont cut it for me.

1)Corsair Reactor R60 SSD 60GB, 2.5", SATA II £131
Read: 250MB/s
Write: 110MB/s
Cache: 128MB
Controller: JMicron JMF612

2)Western Digital SiliconEdge Blue £122
Write Speed:up to 170 MB/sec
Read Speed: up to 250 MB/sec

3)Corsair Nova Series £149
215MB/s Read,
130MB/s Write
64MB cache

4)OCZ 60GB 2.5" SATAII Solid Series £131
200MB/s Read,
120 MB/s Write
64MB onboard Cache

5)OCZ Vertex Series 60GB £139
64MB Cache
230MB/s Read,
135 MB/s Write

6)64GB Samsung, SSD
Read Speed of 220MB/s
Write Speed of 120MB/s
Onboard 128MB Cache
Samsung Controller

7)(Other-Please Specify)

So thats what ive come up with so far,Others are more expensive....appreciate any help. :P:good:
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  1. No one :o....
  2. Vertex Agility 2 series are nice, check em out.
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