9800GTX+ (800mhz) VS. GTX280

I currently have a 9800GTX+ SC that i OCed to 800mhz.

Here is my Setup.

E6850 @ 3.6ghz
p5n32e-sli plus FSB @ 1600
4g Pi black @ 800mhz 4-4-4-12 1t
600W ThermalTake ToughPower.

NCIX canada currently have the GTX280 for only 369$, 349$ after MIR. AWESOME ! its 500$+ normally.

Im just wandering, if its going to worth it ? i currently score 14600 3dmark06. Or should i SLI my 9800GTX+ for 170$-180$ ????
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  1. SLI 9800GTX outperform a single GTX 280. even SLI 9800GT outperfom a GTX 280 so being they are GTX+ toase are better than GT so id go with the sli IF** you already have a SLI mobo. if not then the total cast for a mobo and another GTX+ will cost about the same as a GTX 280. if you have to go GTX 280 you should wait and see about the GTX 285
  2. i would say wait for 55nm 285gtx so the old ones will drop in prices even more
  3. yes maybe. your right, but 349 CAD after MIR is damn LOW for a GTX280 ! its under 300 US, i would say 280-290 US.
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