Use for and old Raptor WD1500ADFD


Years ago I invested in a 150GB Raptor drive to boost my system.

It was cutting edge at the time of course, but today it just seems noisy and hot with no advantage in speed over newer, bigger and cheaper drives and I no longer have it as an active drive in my current setup.

Is the WD1500ADFD still 'cutting edge' in some cases? What would you do with this drive today?

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  1. Sell it on ebay? Put it in a case for external backup?

    I wouldn't get rid of it "just because" - but if you're looking to upgrade, don't stop because the technology was good a few years ago.
  2. Thanks for your replies guys.

    Actually, I was more thinking along the lines of whether the Raptor is still faster than new average drives for some applications (Photoshop, video editing, games etc.).
  3. It'll get outperformed in most all applications by the more dense platter 7500rpm drives, newer 10k rpm velociraptors, and all SSDs.

    I have that same raptor drive, and replaced it with the 300GB velociraptor about a year ago. I noticed a huge improvement in almost every area. If you have need for a storage drive, that's probably the best use for it. You could sell it on ebay, but you likely won't get a large amount for it.
  4. Yeah - that's what I thought (i.e. was afraid of).

    Thanks aford10
  5. You're welcome
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