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I've a P5B deluxe which I use for movie editing. I want to set up windows XP or vista with a single hard disk but also have a raid0 as data storage disks. I can't get windows to boot if I use a single boot drive in the intel raid or other raid on the board.

Anyone know if I can use a single windows boot disk and well as having a raid0 with two drives in there?
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  1. What exactly is the point of having windows on a disc that isn't in RAID 0? It seems like it might be of benefit to have windows and the video files you're currently working with on this RAID 0 drive and then a larger drive for archival purposes.

    But to answer your question. You should be able to unplug the existing drive and then plug in the two drives to be used in RAID configuration into different SATA plugs. Then set up these SATA drives as a RAID 0 via your bios. Then plug the Windows disc back into the same SATA connector and make sure that your computer is set to boot from that harddrive in BIOS.
  2. The point is that I want windows and the apps on a single drive in case one of the raid drives goes pop and I lose literally everything on the computer.

    I've found that if I install windows on a single drive, and then add the two raid disks, swap the sata setting to raid, it then won't boot from the single drive - despite it being recognised in the bios and targetted to boot from.
  3. I have a p5b deluxe also. and have a similiar setup for my parents computer. you need to go into the BIOS. There should be a menu where you can select the boot order of the hdd's on the raid card. it should be located in the menu where you set the boot order.
  4. I installed the latest intel and matrix drivers and it now boots from the single drive whilst seeing my raid fine.
    Thanks people.
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