Worth the money?


Which ones of these is better:

Phenom 9950 or the Phenom II X3 720

Also is it worth is to get the Phenom II X4 810 for $80 more (compared to the 720).

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  1. No...the X3 is no doubt the best performance- value CPU now...
    Get the X3 and overclock it (which am sure u can do if u do a small research)...

    Not heard much of the 810...but am sure its nt worth $80 more than the X3...
    So if u have even a slightest knowledge of overclocking or willing to try out, then the X3 is the best buy...
    Mayb u can spend the extra money on a gud mobo or graphic card...
  2. The only advantage the Phenom II 810 would have over the 720BE would be in multi-threaded apps which take serious advantage of that 4th core.

    Same holds for the Phenom 9950BE - and it will be further limited in multi-threaded apps which love the big cache of the Phenom IIs.

    Some benchies from Anand:
  3. Why not consider the Q6600 for the 4th core? Only $50 more than the 720? And on the above benchmarks, out preforms the 720 on anything multi-threaded. And unless you are going backwards in tech the number of programs using more cores is only going to increase... (i only ask because it is my delima too!)

    It is a notoriously high overclocker, but only drawback is 65nm, but I assume you have decent cooling to counter any adverse effects...

    What mobo would you OC with?
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