Testing unlocked PII x4 b35 stability

first off, this is my first try unlocking a core, secondly my first try trying to test for stability (been running a 5 year old pentium 4 till now), thirdly this is my first amd based pc, so bear with me

and yes ive read the countless threads about it and searched for a while, but i guess im doing it wrong xD

anyway, essentials are as follows:

Asrock n68c-s UCC
athlon x3 435
2gb (1 stick) kingston ram (10600 CL9)

now from the mobo's website there are quite simple instructions on unlocking cores, and so i followed them and ended up with phenom II x4 b35 (6mb L3 cache if thats relevant), now my dilemma is that speed fan now doesnt read core temps (it did when it was a x3) will go and DL an updated version in a while, and while reading around ive come across threads saying to test it with prime95, downloading it atm, but a short newbie guide for it would be appreciated (link?), and ive come across memtest as well, and i will try that later, so a beginners guide for that would be very helpful as well

thanks in advance to anyone that can help,

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  1. Hi, I'm also newish to clocking, but ive been running an unlocked 435 at 3.5Ghz for about 2 months now, no problems at all, temps are good, no freezing or bsod's If you have amd overdrive theres a stability tester on there as well but bear in mind prime95, amd stability test and all other programs like that are pushing your set up to its limit, thereby shortening the lifespan and possibly leading to problems, others may advise you differently and thats cool, but personally I turn it on, it works, theres my stability test right there :)
  2. The prime95 test you'll be interested is the large FFT test. Depending on the "level of stability" run the test from 4-24 hours. If a prime test were to significantly shorten the life of your CPU, you have overclocked too far as running calculations is the point of a processor.
  3. thanks for the reply guys, although i agree that i couldnt probably stress the cpu to its limits with everyday use (net, gaming, some slight photo/video editing), i just want to make sure that whenever it does happen, the cpu wont reset on me and loose all of my work or whatever it is i was doing

    and no, no overclocking yet, gonna get that other stick of ram first and a decent gfx card before i get a new cooler xD

    ps, anyone know something like speed fan that can monitor individual core temps? since unlocking the 4th core it cant seem to show it, or should i be looking at the cpu temps instead?

  4. If you unlock cores, you lose the core temp. Also note, there is only one temperature sensor on a K10 die, not 1 per core like on Intel or the older chips.
  5. everest showed it capped at 62C, taking into consideration that im using the stock cooler, and no oc, but this is with the rooms AC off, and its pretty hot here, low to mid 30's (philippines)

    side note, at stock (x3) amd lists its max temp at 72C, anyone have an idea what the max temp is with the 4th core unlocked?
  6. In theory it should be more or less the same as it is the same silicon.
  7. Wow...managed to get a true Deneb core. Congrates luciferleigh ! In reference to temps, what is your vcore set at ?
  8. haha, thanks i guess, as to your question, you mean in the bios or just via everest? havent really checked that yet, and im usually on my old P4 cause the new rig is using onboard gfx (siblings use it mostly for net atm), and in case someone asks "why not swap gfx cards?" the P4's is agp xD
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