Asus Xonar HDAV1.3 on Asus Striker Extreme II

Hi there guys just wanted to ask if anyone has or knows if the Asus Xonar sound card would fit on the Asus Striker Extreme II Mobo using the PCI-E x 1.
The heatsink looks like abit of a problem from here, so if anyone has tried this or enquired, your advice would be appreciated.
Would like to upgarde the Supreme FXII sound card to something much better. The pci slot isnt an option for me as I'm running Quad SLI and I dont think I would want to make a toasted sandwhich out of a new soundcard.
Thanks : )
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  1. This article might be of interest to you, looks like a similar problem and layout...

    From custom pc.

    (hit ctrl-f and search for dremmel to find where the pictures are for this article.)

    Motherboard arrives!

    I thought I’d better quickly offer up my X-fi Fatal1ty Titanium to the top PCI-E slot before the case arrived, as expected the NB heatsink blocks the card.

    However, all I have to do is remove 4x fins with a dremmel and it will fit perfectly.

    4x fins removed & filed down

    X-Fi fits nicely now
  2. Cheers thanks for that mate!
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